Saturday, June 22, 2013

2039 : Chetan Bhagat’s new one

As I was sleeping yesterday, in the state just before REM, this one occurred to me. It’s a wicked and childish PJ, but I shall do anything to get Chetan to write better English Smile. So here goes.

One day, Chetan in his magnanimous avtaar as unofficial spokesperson for Modi and BJP, was walking in the Yeohur hills, thinking of ways to get himself a free Villa in that location. And what caught his eye was this little baby porcupine, which he thought was very cute (in his infinite pedagogical wisdom). So he decided to write about it (to further his pedagogical repertoire). But of course, he did not know its name. “So how should he refer to the porcupine?” in his article. If he called him Ram, folks would further bash him for his BJP affiliations and if he called him Rahim, then Muslims would say, see what the Hindutava bandwagon is doing…..”metaphorically stabbing us”.

In his infinite wisdom, he decided to not name the porcupine, but refer to him as “the 27 point someone.”


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