Wednesday, June 19, 2013

2033 : What is a philosophy?

I visited the Oberoi International School yesterday, and I walked out very impressed with the school. Its refreshing to walk into a school where everyone seems to have one single common shared purpose.

Thats what I used to love about my current place of work. That shared vision, builds commonality, consensus and of course oodles of "culture" - and that culture is the essence of a "core philosophy".

Can we exist without culture or philosophy? Of course we can. By following the reductionist stream of thought we can even exist without water :-)

If the purpose of our live is not to strive for better and more meaningful coexistence (in its basest sense), then I am yet to discover something in my life.....and if that purpose is correct, then why would you be reductionist, especially in matters of philosophy.

As for cost....yes....TISB (The International School Bangalore) is expensive, Canadian International is expensive, Mont Blanc is super expensive, and so is a Merc....If you look at any of them as an optical status statement, then they are just that....and in that case then any alternative will do.

But if you rip apart the coarseness, and understand the real essence of a brand - like the complete focus and cleanliness of design (and the unbelievable magnificence of a Mont Blanc) - only then does the cost fade away.

Everything in life costs something, be it money or some other "Giveup". I think money is the easiest thing to "giveup" - since it can always be replaced. The others are a more difficult choice.

My view is - if life offers you a chance, choose the best, Oberoi looks miles ahead of the pack - almost in the TISB league to me.

Could I be wrong? Of course I am possibly completely wrong? Maybe Indian Education Society is the place to study......but I shall go with my heart, and I must say....I Love it so far.

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