Saturday, June 15, 2013

2022 : Mind space versus physical space

As I walk along this bustling city in pouring rain, I jump across manholes, along a series of parked cars along the road (every inch of the pavement), and the complete absence of a suburban walkway.

For no particular rational reason, I believe that a human being's mind space evolves in line with the physical space he/she perceives around him. Let me a small infant the crib seemingly is her world, and she does evolve around that. To an adult his/her home is their personal space and so on.....

I have always found the Japanese (especially the ones from Tokyo), very frugal, very economical and very accepting. A person from Bombay is quite similar, just that he is possibly a little rude and crass.

Flip this over from a person from California, who is far more confident that he can grab the earth, who is little more impatient and hence can lead change.

A person from Tokyo can live and survive like Bear Grylls, but a person from California can envelop the world. This is a very high level generalization  and exceptions to this are all over the place. I could stay in a 2 by 7 coffin and still think that's enough space for me to expand.....but in general I feel external space (esp the way it is perceived) impacts the internalization of how we think and interact with the world.

Have you seen life with similar eyes?

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