Monday, April 29, 2013

2004 : Nirvana paperback

I love this tiny book called “Nirvana in a nutshell” by Scott Shaw. Its really tiny, has 157 tiny posts, most of which jolt you into an insight, no matter how often you have read them.

Like today I read this, which was really apt for the day:

Internal Peace is a choice.

The world will give you a million reasons not to be peaceful if you allow external images and negative stimuli to dominate your emotions.

Next time you find yourself upset – stop everything.

Be Still.
Let your mind rest.
Do no let momentary emotions control you.
Catch them and watch them fly like a beautiful bird across a scenic horizon.
Understand that whoever or whatever has led you to this unpeaceful state is not worthy of controlling your life.

Allow yourself to feel peace- even in the most unpeaceful events and enlightenment will be yours.

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