Monday, April 29, 2013

2001 : The mechanics of a society

Here is an interesting thought experiment. Take 10 random folks and put them in a room. Ask them to live together and co-operate.

Faith in human goodness will make you hope that the brightest minds come together and create something more than the collective offers. Unfortunately, this is never the case.

Human beings drop to the lowest common denominator, when you are put together. If the room for example includes one with a gun, one with a stick, one with a paper, and one with a rational voice.

Guess, who shall win everytime. The man with the gun, not because he is Einstien, but because he is the gun trotting Idi Amin, who can choose evict a million established folks from a country, because he felt like it.

As a society we should explore how we can make this whole equation a little more palatable. If we cannot at some point demonstrate to our children, that goodness does win, then we shall have a world were only Idi Amin's shall be idolized.

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1 comment:

SSV said...

Like the infallible case study that the Joker brought into light in the Dark Knight.