Saturday, April 27, 2013

1997 : The ghost in the machine

I have been having sleep issues - a disturbed sleep for over 2 weeks. I was talking about it to someone, and as we were talking, we agreed on the following.

When you are having a disturbed sleep (very different from insomnia), what is at the heart of the issue, is a bane which is bothering you. Your mind is going at it clickety clock, tick tock, irrespective of whether you are sleeping or jogging.

That is not allowing your mind to switch off, at least to the degree it would like to.

If you resist this machinations, and continue to try and sleep, it might work....but for a person like me, its akin to pushing back a oncoming train with bare knuckle hands. So what do you do?

I think, you allow your mind to win. Let go off the sleep. Allow the battle its run time.....At some point, the debate will longer exist, and at some point the mind shall no longer want to fight. Be it a loser or a winner, it shall want to withdraw.

Count your days to that time, till then let the clock run tickety tock.

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