Tuesday, April 23, 2013

1996 : The bigotry of social media

I was talking to someone at work, who was aghast that I blog in personal life. Before I get into why/what….let me take you through the course of events.

What I did was, politely shared with him the URL of this page…I also categorically mentioned that if he can conclusively ever conclude that I am who I AM, and if he can figure out from the blog where I work – I shall be curious of the slip ups I had made.

Also, if someone did figure where I work, they should ideally see that I idolize it, and I really do….if I did not, I would not be working there at all.

What worried me more was that, I could have a facebook page, where I say I am XX working at YY, and then also post my “anti LGBT” tirade there….and it would be perfectly fine with everyone. (For the record, I don’t have a facebook account, and I have colleagues who are LGBT who I admire and cherish).

So its fine for me to puke in facebook and defecate in Twitter, but if I blog….well, I am a threat to the society.

Now where did we lose the plot, I really sit and wonder?

I blog because it allows me to maintain my history. Facebook is just too transactional and bizarre for my social tastes. I would willingly not tarnish anyone’s personal life (and that includes the firm I work for). I will write here on this blog, because it allows my voice to be heard, for me to be an influence.

The senior person, did come back, about a week later, and privately patted my back, he said he had been sucked into the content and the range of this blog. He thought this was in no way remotely a worry to a person or a firm.

Thank you, but I wish we did not start off with “the onus of innocence is on the accused”.

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