Friday, April 19, 2013

1991 : The memory remains

I was talking to someone who was leaving. (Leaving who? where? what?….does that matter?). As I was talking to him, he quite matter of factly weaved a Zen like story into his conversation. It was fascinating.

Here is what he told me…..

When you remove your hand out of a bucket of water, for the first few moments, you see a gap, infact in the first instant, it looks like a big hole….then it becomes a gap…and soon, it looks like focal point around which ripples are forming and settling.

Give it a few more seconds, and the water is still all over again….as if, there was never a hand. Someone who came and saw the bucket now, could never tell you that 2 mins ago, there was a full lifesize lifelike hand in the bucket.

The world has conveniently accommodated an absence, filling up the hole, removing all traces of the missing arm……whats left, if at all, is but a weak memory….and that is living, only in those heads which knew of the arm. They faster they (folks who have the memory)expunge that from their head, the faster they shall accept the new reality.

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1 comment:

Vishius said...

Very interesting thought and analogy.