Wednesday, April 17, 2013

1986 : Why this Kolaveri di?

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I am not a big movie buff or aficionado, but I do definitely try and play catch up, everytime I am on a flight. And last week had one such day..(my first time on a A380....potentially a facebook moment, for someone who is not even an active email user Smile)

I think I have so switched off from the visual medium, that I was really finding it difficult to get myself to hook upto to either the newer Bollywood, or action movies or even the inane rom coms....but I did manage to catch Argo (more on that later) and I did love it.

I also started to watch 3, to check how jaded my Tamil is – and surprising was completely hooked on. Shruti Hassan and Dhanush look so utterly believable as college students, and you almost bleed for their puppy love. Reminded me of the times when my own heart fluttered like a butterfly J

Both Shruti and Dhanush are so real, you almost want to participate in their make believe world. The chemistry between two of them is electric....and the lady just steals the thunder, by virtue of having a more real world role.

Shruti goes straight into my favourite list of actors – she is gorgeous in the movie, and she acts so smooth, that she could even give her legendary father a whole goosebump experience. Dhanush too becomes a favourite, he is just fab.

Expect for the last 30 minutes where the movie veers into histrionics, the movie is as lovable as DDLJ or QSQT (yes, I still love that movie....Juhi Chawla brings such grace to the role).

Go watch it, not once but maybe 3 times.

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