Wednesday, April 17, 2013

1984 : The long dark tea time of the soul

I have been on and off from this blog for the past two months. That usually happens when either I am part of a terrible writer’s block, or if I am just not making enough time for my soul.

I think its been the latter this time around.

Similar to the George Orwell 1984, I do feel that the Big Brother which forces you to behave in an optically inconsistent manner is what I am having an overdose of.

I often seem to reach this point, where I yearn for the laptop, because my mind has so much to say, I login and open my browser, and my hands go limp, not wanting to move – again, not because of a writer’s block, but because I think I have “too much to say” and the airwaves are getting jammed up.

One day, when the clouds clear, hopefully I shall have a good clean cup of British tea, the kind Douglas Adams would have been proud of.

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