Saturday, March 16, 2013

1980 : Being suggestive

Picture this.

I am in the midst of conducting an interview (at work), sitting across me is a prospective manager. (This happened months ago, I ensured that I would not be revealing something too soon Smile).

I quite like the chap, and I am creating scenarios where he can help me with his out of the box thinking.

Me: Imagine you have a team member who is not doing well on code quality. You have already run him through Sonar reports and other diagonistics, he is still not getting the message. It almost seems as if, he is intentionally avoiding dealing with the problem. Is there a way you can help him?

G : Of course, this is common place. I will start of by running him through the reports. While doing that, I shall be “suggestive” for the first few days. If he does not get it, I shall be “explicit” with him.

What can I say Smile?

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