Sunday, February 03, 2013

1961 : The ghost in the machine

Picture this.

I am sitting outside this ICU room (outside the room!!), in the waiting area. Since I have nothing much to do, I whip up my tiny samsung netbook and begun to type out to glory. I dont have any wires or internet dongles. Just passive typing.

A few minutes later, a serious looking doctor types comes along and tells me “Dont you know there is an ICU inside? No using laptops here. It can interfere with devices inside.”

Its patently absurd, but still fair enough. Since I see everyone using phones, and I myself have my Nokia and Blackberry at hand, I ask him politely “Are phones allowed?”. And he says with a constipated, self effacing look, “Yes, but dont speak too loudly.”

I silently shut my netbook, apologized to the person….and my returned to my phones.

My brain did scream WTF, and I soon realised that what we are essentially doing is replacing our “older religious symbols” with new “mythical and archaic” technology biases, most of them which have no grounding in science, but instead are thought by some overzealous pious bigot, who has no context or understanding of how the world of atoms really work.

Religious rituals are dead, long live scientific quacks.

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