Sunday, January 13, 2013

1940 : I hate you inspite of your terse skills :-)

Picture this.

I am part of an apartment mailgroup which includes a whole host of folks who occupy the various houses.

Yesterday, two gents started sparring over an issue. It all started when Gent B dropped a note to Gent A, accusing him of rudeness to the building’s janitor staff, and demanded an immediate apology.

Gent A on the other hand, was all morally uptight, and took the stand that Gent B was “pre-judging” him without having heard the other side of the story. He also felt that Gent B was being very quick to reach a conclusion.

Get the drift, so far? Now, even without other frills (proceeding on from here), two folks sparring is always so entertaining. Its such a pleasure to revel in the moment, and see a real fight, where you are not involved Smile. But, read on, the best is yet to come.

Now as part of the uptightness, Gent A wrote to Gent B, and I reproduce verbatim :

“My sincere suggestion to you is to speak / investigate with both the parties before you send such mails. Let me tell you, I am not at all bothered because of your mail. If at all this mail shows something then it displays the judgmental nature of those who send such mails to public forum and I am no one to stop you on this. Please stick to your conciseness and do what you feel right.”

I am assuming, English grammar errors not withstanding, the last sentence meant “conscience” and not “conciseness”. The whole mail is full of such gaffes, but this one is the best.

What mirth Smile

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