Saturday, December 22, 2012

1909 : Losing speed

I struggle to relate to the world around me. I am the walking anti-thesis of what is considered hep and savvy….I don’t facebook, don’t twitter, don’t instagram, don’t dropbox, don’t watch television, don’t listen to FM,  don’t smoke a hookah, don’t attend kebab parties, don’t shake a leg, still am doggedly loyal to things and people I love, still love fresh handmade food (no microwaves for me please), and still use a SLR Smile (not some PYT in Micros).

What I still do? Use my SLR (again!!), cook, clean, tend to plants in my garden, listen to Domingo singing Verdi, drive around the country, collect fountain pens and ink, love Microsoft products (don’t quite admire Apple!!), use pencils to write, pound my chutney using a 30 kg stone hand grinder, read Albert Camus and Aldous Huxley, love Kishori Amonkar, sing tunelessly with Raavan, read poetry ….and on and on…..and most importantly I still blog and maintain it ad free.

Don’t I sound like a dino from the 80s?

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