Wednesday, December 12, 2012


There are a variety of reasons to bike. For me, it’s a personal coming back to roots, and I want to do Golden Temple one day Smile.

Today, 12-12-12 marks my return to this fabulous art. My fifth powered two wheeler in life came in cbrrrrrring brrr brrr, and I hope to really make the most of this. My first bike had a fantastic run, so did my third …and hoping this odd ball is a massive hit too.

This blog entry is specifically meant for one person, and I bloody well know, the minute he sees this I shall get back a comment he sees it. He is by far the much much better driver amongst us, in no matter what we drive, including a flight simulator Smile.

Waiting for you Godot Smile


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shailesh said...

Ooooh...nice! What engine does it come with? 250cc?

Yet another reason for me to move back to that you can give me a 'round' :)

Prashant said...

Thats cool. Didnt realize you picked it up. Test drive ;)