Sunday, December 02, 2012

1895 : The perpetual race

My parents are towards their last leg in life. In their times, they have been excellent parents (I have zero misgivings with them, infact the only feelings I have for them is those of love, compassion and gratitude.)

And yet, I have disagreed with them forever, including now. (Mike+The Mechanics….The Living Years anyone?)

I cant believe that they are still constantly planning for the future, continue to live conservatively. I am sure when they were young, they were tied to circumstances, then they were tied to kids, then they were tied to responsibilities…what are they tied to today? Someday the shackles have to give away. Someday…the half life has to make way for a full one, and win the race over “no life”.

When I know I am close to exploding, I shall light the wicker myself Smile

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