Sunday, December 02, 2012

1894 : The humble OTG

If you enjoy and have fun in the kitchen as much as I do, then I would recommend that you should invest in the old humble OTG. I have had one for the past 4 years and my completely loving it. I cant seem to cook a single meal without using the OTG.

OTG’s are very cheap, you shall get a good 40L one for around 7k  INR, are very healthy, are very quick, and don’t need any cleaning, if you use them regularly.

What I am salivating for, and I shall have one when I have a good home, is a large heavy OTG (100L odd), which can also take temperatures upto 450 degress C. Costs over a lakh, especially the German ones I am eyeing, and need at least 8 sq feet of space, which I don’t currently have spare  in my kitchen.

I am sure, we shall have “The Perfect Day” soon.

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