Saturday, December 01, 2012

1887 : The point of no return (My own little Zen Koan)

(This has to my favorite spiritual riddle. )

Picture this, you drill a nail in your wall and then hang a large beatific image of Dalai Lama on it. Years pass by, and winters come and ago.

Years later, one day, quite abruptly, the nail wilts and gives up, the frame collapses on the floor and splatters.

Lets assume in this example, that no other external factor, like a gush of wind or a brush by a careless soul, was even remotely present in the circumstances.

Now, the question begs itself, why did the frame fall?

Physics would tell us that the frame hoisted at the height of 4 ft on a nail was carrying potential energy of mass * g (gravity) * height. (Seriously, I did not look this up on google, I remembered this 22 years after I learnt it…..Smile)

Whatever energy this worked out, was constantly lugging onto the nail and wall combine, which provided an inverse braking power to hold the image up.

Fair enough….still with me?

Now physics apart, at what point (precise momentary instance), did the nail decide – lets part ways, I cant bear this burden anymore. Or did it not decide?

Be careful, of where you lean?

A) If you think, the nail or the wall or the atom or someone (maybe God!!), did not decide – but pure physics did…..then you are essentially saying since we don’t understand that physics well, life is so goddamned undeterministic, lets just let go, and be fatalistic.

B) If you think, someone did decide, then who did, and why? and how did it choose that precise moment? If someone is deciding, then life should be deterministic to the atomic level, as long as we have the right measurement instruments and process.

So, where do you lean?

God (I am exclaiming!!), its so funny, I can never draw believers into this conversation….because that’s like telling the astronaut to peer into the black hole….his mind has been altered enough(by training) to block the black hole from his existence.

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Aditi said...

true... my head is now spinning ... :P :P