Sunday, November 11, 2012

1877 : The i of the Apple

Was talking to my sister yesterday, and like many others, she assumed that I am a big fan of Apple Products. For the record, I own only 1 half eaten apple, the 16GB wifi only IPad2, and the old classic iPOD. 
I quite like both of them, that is indeed true.
Do I want to switch to more Apple products?
No, not really. I am very happy with Microsoft, Nokia, Samsung, and thats hardly because I don’t like better quality or because I am a cheap schmonger.
Let me explain with an example. I drive a Honda City, the edition I have, is one of the few ones which has front-back disk brakes, 4 air bags, and a fairly advanced turbo charged (Petrol) engine.
Now in terms of "engineering near equivalence"(ENE), this four year old car will still give a run for their money to the Elantra, Civic or Superb of today.
I like my car, and specifically chose this older looking car, when the newer fresher models were also available, because their ENE was terrible.
Coming back to everyday use products, I think the Galaxy S3 far surpasses even the IPhone 5 on ENE, my extremely well designed Samsung netbook is weak on horse power, yet eschews affordability (its 8 times cheaper than a macbook air), my Nokia is good for 8 days of power, and though technically its very weak on ENE, it surpasses every other phone on one key functionality.
I think the Apple innovation juggernaut is slowing down. Once their DNA stood exposed, every other firm fell in line. Google, Microsoft are now into hardware, Samsung Ultrabooks are designed as if they were pieces of jewellery.....
Within newer areas like Televisions and Music, there are technology giants who already do what Apple does (read Bose).
To answer my sister, I admire Steve Jobs and the history at Apple. I have never been a fan of Apple products (I have never owned an IPhone and never will). I think in the game of ENE, they were once far ahead, but today are big time laggards.
Ironically, this post is being typed out on my sister's Macbook Air. Using Microsoft Word on it is a bit of a pain, everytime I type an "I" there, it auto corrects it to a "."....and I really wonder whats the big idea there?
My view is, short Apple, go very long on Microsoft and Google.

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