Wednesday, October 10, 2012

1859 : Emperor at Last

Picture this.

Imagine that a huge ginormous super Titanic sized ship contains an entire kingdom. It has a chosen Emperor and then bloody plebian commoners Smile. The Emperor is God amongst the lumpen…..he is the one who has blue blood.

This ship has been smooth sailing until one fine day, it develops a Hummer sized hole….and now slowly steadily enough the water is seeping in.

The ship is sinking and in a few months will most definitely swim with the fishes.

Now some smart folks start figuring this out, especially folks like janitors whose job is to clean the lowest ebbs of the ship.

One by one, they either jumpship on a lifeboat or they just jump into the ocean and swim to the nearest shore.

Get the drift?

Every now and then, the “current” Emperor, gets whisper clues and jumps too. Everytime an Emperor jumps, to continue with the fa├žade of living, the rest of the chaps still aboard, either choose the next in line, or one amongst them as the “next” Emperor.

Point being, having an Emperor is a must.

Slowly months pass, many still don’t know the ship is sinking, but they know something is amiss, since every now and then they see some familiar faces jump into the ocean, and every other week there seems to be a new Emperor.

As time passes, the number of folks onboard keeps reducing, and folks who would never have been even dreaming of being Emperors and now politicking to get the top job.

And then a time comes, when there just a handful left on the ship. And the ship itself just has a few days before it begins to swim.

And then finally, very poetically, there is just couple of days left and just a couple of folks left. One of them jumps out, leaving the last one standing to be the Emperor for a day, of this “once” legendary empire. In his head, it remains legendary, and he feels he has achieved what he once thought was completely out of bounds….being the complete and sole Emperor of the land.

The next day the ship caves in, with it goes the history, the context, the Kingdom, and of course, not to forget, The Last Emperor.

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