Friday, September 14, 2012

1843 : 10 parts of desire

Raavan was talking to me yesterday. He was wondering, why history never mentions that he had a heart (too), 10 parts of desire (and hence his multiple philandering behaviour compulsion!!), his thoughts and his grief.

His point was, he might be painted as a 10 headed monster, but he has a heart, just as soft as any of us, beating within his exterior.

I think he holds a few other grudges, and I can’t rationalise them completely – but the one claim I can attest to – is his soft heart.

His grasp of Indian languages might not be flowery powery, and he does melt softly in presence of a lady in sari….and yet, I ignore these…..because….Its damn lovely and romantic to fall in love 10 times over.

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