Sunday, August 07, 2011

1604 : Raavan vs. Duryodhan

You still do hear folks named Raavan....(like my dearest 10 headed buddy from Lanka)....and from folks in the know I am told that it is not a very unusual name in the heartland of UP....

I wonder why I have never heard Duryodhan....

My guess is...for most folks....(definitely for me).....Raavan is this super sharp, devotional Shiv bhakt, who was the epitome of most good things in life, including being a fair ruler...except that he had weak knees for PYT. Most guys read this and go "so what?" the spectre of our dilettante(s) play out in front of us.

On the other hand...Duryodhan is this unidimensional pure evil chap...who not only enjoyed stripping women...but gambled and was "joker" personified.

I can most definitely say that my friend Raavan is a charm with the ladies...and lot of strong willed women fall for not withstanding....

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