Saturday, August 06, 2011

1602 : What defines style ?

My fashion sense is about as good as Vidya Balan's (that's when she is not wearing her gorgeous sabyashchi sarees).

I do have an observation to share though. Fashion .... Especially "personal fashion" is not a prerogative of the glamorous.

I do see fairly conservative folks do a brilliant job of defining their own fashion. In my head fashion is nothing more than a subtle statement of style, usually distinctive and customized to suit our lifestyles, body contours and economics.

In my head, if I can always predict how a person will look - then he/she has done a fantastic job of defining "personal style".

As an example, my dear friend Vivek Menon, or my Mom (both of whom you would find are linked up on the left pane of this blog)..they are the examples that immediately come to mind.

Folks who don't have a clear sense of their own fashion, are probably missing out on defining their own personal identity.

And this can essentially be counter intuitive to the "clothes maketh the man" adage.

You dont have to read Esquire or Vogue to learn what ia fashion. Just keep your eyes open, observe what  you like and keep incorporating it in your constantly evolving style.

That in a nutshell sums up my walnut sized knowledge/views on fashion.

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