Friday, August 05, 2011

1599 : Amjad bhai and those bloody lucky Muslims

We have been using the name Amjad bhai for one of our little friends, for obvious reasons harking back to sholay and barsaat ki ek raat.
I like the sound as it rolls off the tongue - ummm zadhh.
Googled - it means "the glorious" or the one who achieves "ultimate glory".
I have not been hearing of any person named Amjad in recent years - Wonder which of the following is more true - either I have very few Muslim acquaintances or have Muslims stopped using this name altogether ?
Will one my Arabic brothers explain the mystery of this "rare" name to me.

(the subject refers to the fact tha Muslims have an array of so much more better sounding names than the others...heavy rusty grrrgrrrr kind of tongue rolling names. I envy them)

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1 comment:

Shailesh said...

I've always wondered why there are 10x more Rajesh's than Amitabh's!