Sunday, July 31, 2011

1591 : For some life is a destination

At the gym in my complex, which I sometimes frequent, there comes this long haired sardarini (no that has no relevance to what is going to follow in the post)...
She is usually very angsty and her expressions bear the grim demeanor of a soldier in an India - Pak war....serious..."why so serious lady?"

She is the one who gets pained by the kind of music playing, or she is breathing down people's neck straining her eyes to see if they are close to the "20" minutes on equipment....even when she is walking on the treadmill, she does it as if, she needed to reach the shopping mall...a focussed glassy look...while most others in the gym (and that includes yours truly) are also grunting and shunting, but they are also smiling, sweating and grooving to the music.
Most others come there as a place to have fun, have some personal meditation. I think for her the gym is like another "chore", an like all other chores in life, she is going take and make stress. Such a sad state of being :-)

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mr bojangles said...

deadly post! i'll bookmark it to read it again every once in a while.

i find myself in a constant conflict. on one hand, nothing really matters, chill and enjoy madi. on the other, everything you do has some consequence - the butterfly effect - and every minute is precious.

so then, to find a middle ground, to do and enjoy the process. i think that's what the art of living is all about. i am very far from it, but you seem to have totally cracked it!

Amitabh said...

Bob thisis turning out to be a mutual admiration society....if I could write half as good as you...I would leave my day job and take up writing :-) seriously.

BlueStormySeas said...

Talking about art of living..just had a funny text msg..

"To have a wife is part of living,
To have a girlfriend along with a wife is called the Art of Living.. "