Monday, July 25, 2011

1577 : Robert Spencer

Have been reading a lot in the recent days about Islam, and that includes Karen Armstrong's Muhammed. Have also been reading a few books by Robert Spencer.

The views contained in these books could not be more polarised.

Why am I reading this?

Dont know...dont have easy answers. Three topics in have interested me immensely in recent times....Kashmir, Palestine and the point that each of these have now started feeling a little in, I do have a strong view on each of these.

Though all of these appear connected....they are not necessarily in the way you would believe they are.

The more I am reading....I must admit that I am coming to the same conclusion, "Things are never what they seem."...and the more you dig, the deeper the grave seems to be :-)

Do read Robert Spencer...just be aware that he is an Islamaphobe....I would recommend reading him because he is also a good historian.

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