Sunday, July 24, 2011

1573 : I come from a land down under

Most of us have lived away from home at some point or other. This is the first time I have relocated out of home for a period of more than an year.
I know a lot of Bombayites who are stuck in Bangalore just like I am...and most them yearn to go almost impossible hark back to the reclaimed land.Almost every conversation is a soliloquy into aamchi melancholy.

I am possibly not such a zealot,(not yet), but even I do seem to miss Bombay. I miss my sister, friends, mummies and papas, vada pav and the infinite familiarity that comes with years of proximity.

.....but I also enjoy bangalore. Its a great place for folks like me who do need some fresh oxygen at night (and not dust and grime), for kids who can run around as if the world belonged to them,for schools which look like mini towns (and not two shanty buildings), for some authentic dosa idli joints, for weather that is better than LA....

Get the drift...I miss Bombay, but like bangalore too....

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