Sunday, July 17, 2011

1557 : It's my life

Almost immediately on the back of my Reggio Emilia post, I got a few mails...mostly of brickbats.

I can't defend against these brickbats, for one, I don't think I can easily and secondly, I don't want to.

I don't think any of us and that includes you, ever need to explain to others any of our actions, as long as the remit of these actions is fairly self-contained.

Instead of defending let me quickly explain what MY life stands for.

As far as I understand the purpose of life is just one : fun, not just literally...but primarily fucking and procreating :-)

If we were to add on the intellectual dimension, then the secondary purpose of life is to find out the truth.

This the same truth which is contained with the atom, and the non locality of Bell's theorem...this truth can be gauged from the atom, or from Rodin's thinker, or from Gary kasprov's chess mind, or from Kumar gandharv's tanpura......

Encouraging yourself, your kids and your circle of influence to find their own truth (or put variously their own personal greatness) is the only other possible purpose of life.

If you understand these two in their elemental dimensions, you would understand why I think (and rationalize) the way I do.

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