Wednesday, July 13, 2011

1542 : You could be mine

Blogging about your wife and kids and whole 9 yards. I am unsure whether folks are necessarily interested in that, worse still it definitely brings out the larger privacy question - almost akin to a Truman show.

From my blog you probably have pieced together a picture of me, sounds fine...since this is indeed about me (less personally, more cerebrally....
Have you folks managed to figure anything at all about my wife or other loved ones (the assumption here is, I do have a wife, and I do love her :-))
If you did, then I have done a bad job of restricting access....I have mixed someone else's private with my own...which is a terrible modern cathartic tragedy.

And even "my" daughter and "my" wife are not "mine" - they are "they" think otherwise is falling into the essential trap of a world perceived without boundaries.

Get the drift ?

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your alter ego :) said...

If one goes truly by the content of your blog, then one would get a picture of a superhuman being - a engineer, a finance guru, a writer, a poet, a baker, a chef, a music buff, a film critic, a book critic, a restaurant critic, a photographer, a father, a runner, a health expert, etc, etc, etc... :-)

Anonymous said...

Intresting !!!

Amitabh said...

My only alter ego is a good photographer....if you are that, then where is my share of he memory :-) waiting.