Saturday, July 09, 2011

1536 : Child is the mirror provided by uncle universe

I have posted about this before....I do genuinely believe that babies come with a natural and built in protection mechanism...they can "feel" your state of mind.
So if a baby is constantly cranky in your prescence, you can always attribute it to acid reflux or colic, but chances are it is "you" that is the problem.

Babies are best managed by moms or aunts - not in the least because they are females or family - but because these are typically folks who only have positive energy for the kid and she detects that intutively.

Males on the other hand usually treat the kid as a distraction and want to hurry back to the porn on their ipad :-)

So next time you want to find a mirror into your the money, don't blow it on a shrink...instead try to babysit a toddler ;-)

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