Sunday, July 03, 2011

1516 : The Doha connection

I flew over Doha, after quite many years. Growing up, I always envied the middle east –seemed so good – great infrastructure, predictable lives and great roads to drive.

Now I am not sure anymore. I would not move to middle east even if a great career opportunity came by, because of the implicit impact the “controlled society” has on art and spirit. Know of any great paintings or books or movies coming out of Saudi…..get the drift?

As I have grown older, art has become more and more important in my life….so much so that I have often rued the fact that I did not specialise and chalk a career in design.

More than me…I want my kids to see the implicit beauty contained with the stroke of a brush or a spoken word.

And good money and great roads might not buy that.

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