Sunday, June 05, 2011

1500 : Mango smoothie–where is the Mango?

Picture this.

I am at Barista with a colleague of mine – waiting for a cup of coffee. A sophisticated looking girl (maybe early 20s) ambles in – she is slightly on the plump side – she stares down the menu for at least 5 mins – before she begins the conversation.

Plumpy : Whats in the mango cooler? (in an NRI confused ABCD accent)
Helper : Maam, that is a mango smoothie. (seeing her deer-in-a-headlight expression continues). That is essentially mango pulp + ice + yoghurt.
Plumpy : (Does not indicate that she has heard, but we know she has, because her gaze falls back from the helper’s face to the menu again!!). Hmmmm…..(mumbles some disappointment)
Plumpy : (politely in her ABCD accent) Can I have it without yoghurt?
Helper : Let me check. (Walks back to the folks who are actually servicing the orders. They all mumble something in Kannada. Returns the counter) Yes Maam.
(As plumpy is getting her card ready to pay, the helper remembers something, walks back to the service folks again, mumbles something and comes back)
Helper  : But it will have mango, is that fine Maam?

No….hell no…..I am not exaggerating this conversation at all. My colleague and I were almost in splits. We muttered “both of them are definite hires for the wormhole. They might even make it to the top ranks one day…such is the way of life.”

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