Monday, May 23, 2011

1498 : A weird hair saloon

So, let me come out of the closet….I am a bloody cheapass. I still get my haircut, every 5 weeks for a sum of 40 rupees (30 is the charge and 10 is the tip I give the barber).

Today I had left office early to accommodate a broken cavity, and a visit to make the dentist richer…..I had my hole filled (no pun intended :-), though I guess it must feel similar) by 5, I then decided to do my regular hair cut.

So picture this.

I walk into this saloon – which is empty, no customers, except for 5 to 7 of the barbers themselves. But unlike sitting and lolling and sipping tea – which is what I expect of “vela” barbers…..

I saw three of them bare chested, getting a facial (with cucumber et al), and having their chest hair being shaved….this was being done by the other barbers.

And no….I did not hold my tail and run out – this is fairly open air place in the middle of a bustling space – so I felt safe inspite of what looked like strange business.

And no…they were not customers, they were barbers….I have visited this saloon over 10 times to know all of them by now.

While one of the shavers now disengaged himself to give my hair a dress down – the others continued in their melee oblivious to the customer (me).

I found this hilarious at one plane, and completely ridiculous at another, and so unexpected at another.

For me, this is the kind of stuff that defines Bangalore in my head Smile. Its a little soft in its balls and addled in its brains Smile

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