Wednesday, May 18, 2011

1492: Crazy little thing called Harakiri

Have you ever had this strong desire to slap your managing director? No…not because you disagreed, but just to kind of get the answer to the “what if” question.

Or, have you while taking a tight turn, known that a small mistake could result in a big blemish for your neighbouring car…and yet you have persisted by committing to the turn.

Or, picture this. A vehicle is driving towards you on the wrong side on the road. It is playing on your desire and sanity….your self preservation….that it shall leverage and sail through…..instead of yielding….have you ever thought of flooring the pedal and hurling your action hungry car into the trajectory of the oncoming invader….

If you find these questions vaugoo….then maybe, I am the only odd man here. Because not only I have felt this way, but I have also actioned on some of these….except for the first one, of course.

Is it the gambler in me, or the Harakiri artist in me….I can’t seem to decide on the answer….help me, will ya?

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Roshan said...

I feel these urges very often. Even in fact at windows. I wonder what it would be like to fly. Then I freak out

Anonymous said...

R u back to Ur writing mode? U seem to have a double personality and believe me all of us have. ;-)