Monday, May 16, 2011

1490 : To run again

I have broken the 60 minute (and the 8km) barrier twice in 3 days,  after almost 6 months. 2 months ago, I was struggling to consistently to run 3kms.

My health has been taking a steady toll. And my running has already paid the price. (As I have said before, this one is going to be my toughest year since 2001.)

On the topic of running, I want to be able to be 50, and run 15km at a go. Now if you are smart, you shall see that that wish has at least 7 others hidden within it Smile

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1 comment:

Anup said...

your hidden 7

1) Manage not to get killed before 50 (because a lot of techies and traders burn out or suicide by 50)

2) Manage to still have two legs when you're 50

3) Even if you'are alive and have two legs, you should be able to run

4) Even if you're alive, have legs and can still run, you wish you were able to run 15k

5) And even if you run 15k you want to run it on the go

Now what could be 6 & 7..hmmm

6) roughly 20 years from now, you dont want a matrix like situation, and you think of running 15k, and pop! neo wakes up to find himself floating in puke with a pipe drilled into his brain

7) i give what's the 7th one????