Thursday, April 28, 2011

1486 : What is but a memory?



I was reading a recent issue of the Open Magazine, which contained an interview with Sandra Samuel, the lady who saved Moishe, the son of Israeli Rabbi and his wife during the attack on Chabad house.

She was the kid’s nanny and she was from Goa. Now she is moved to Israel, has been offered a honorary citizenship, and both she and Moishe are supposedly national icons.

During her interview, she does touch upon the fact, that no one in Mumbai recognizes her, versus, she continues to be hailed in Israel and she gets felicitated with gifts even today.

Her lament is “Mumbai does not value memories. Back there, they continue to ponder over the past, and they place an emphasis on the stories from the passage of time”….or something to the effect.

I found that insightful.

Seriously, think about it, why would a crass commercial place like Mumbai (already brimming and full of itself) value and romanticize a narrative from the past (even if its its own past)…..versus Israel, which knows the (huge) price of history and hence values it. A nation built on top of a pyramid of conflict and fire,  knows that there is no merit in covering its tracks…. instead it eulogizes itself, laying its stories bare….for the journey to be lived, relived…in the saint-like hope that the future will learn from the past.

If we agree with the above assessment, then we also know, why, in (my) bleeding Mumbai, the Poet is a dead breed, a Pariah, who is looked upon as someone who has to too much Time on hand….to procrastinate and ruminate on a (hurried) life…. which most folks (in Mumbai) would otherwise hope, just quickly whizzes past them, in the proverbial flash …...almost a la dying.

The Poet is dead. Long live the City where any memory (kept alive) is nothing but a Ghost.

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Aadya said...

Wonderful post. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

sad but true....

waiting for ur updates

Amitabh said...

Aadya is probably one of the most beautiful names I know of