Monday, April 25, 2011

1484 : In defence of the atheist establishment

I have views on Satya Sai Baba, but I reserve them for a coffee conversation. What does bother me is the approach our state (country) is taking in eulogising him.

My point is, and I have said this before, does a secular state have the luxury of wearing its religious and other affiliations on its sleeve.

Most definitely, we are neither the Vatican not are we Pakistan. But we most definitely seem to be leaning towards the Hindu stance.

If I were a believer (in religion), I would most definitely be perturbed by the government behaviour….as who-is-who in the establishment is falling over each other to schmooze upto the Godman’s legacy.

These are times, when I sit and admire China. At least in this respect it has gotten its foundations right.

Religion, like a brand, is best hidden by satin printed labels 1cm by 1cm on the back of shirts, watches…Smile

Get the drift?

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