Thursday, April 21, 2011

1481 : Even I am ashamed !!

Usually I am not apologetic about things around me, or my people, culture, or country….but!!….so, yesterday, I flew our national airlines (Air India), after about 10 years maybe….and… was just so appalling.

I don’t think it should bleed to death (which it is doing), I think it should be swiftly terminated. Not euthanasia, but electric chair Smile

The staff is terrible. They are downright bloody rude. Infact at one point one of the staffers commented on another’s “mother and her carnal habits” to another loud enough so that all passengers could hear and partake of this show of man to man respect.

Sitting there, I was going….what next?….will they now shag each other?

I was tired, it was a red eye flight, all I expected was a good seat to sleep and the flight to be on time. The flight was bloody late by over an hour, the drive from the Mumbai gate to the parked plane, took 22 mins – I am not exaggerating – timed it - I got into the plane and immediately entered deep slumber – only to be woken up “shaken and stirred” about 30 mins later to have a sandwich and kissan sauce thrust at me.

If I was not sleepy enough not to argue – I was going to tell the stewardess – “but I was sleeping”….but I guess to her, it did not matter. In all probability, by the looks of things, she would have interrupted me for the not to be missed “sandwich and sauce”,even if she saw me making out and fornicating with a hottie Smile

Conclusion - The maharaja’s staff consists of dated, lousy, rude, belligerent, anachronistic, eye sore(s), staff who think you need a salmonella peppered sandwich at 230am right in the middle of your slumber.

The king is alive. Long dead the king.


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1 comment:

Sonal said...

Agree, agree and couldn't agree more. We have had such horrid experience once with Air India and we were appalled at their outdated sense of service, their language and of course major delays.