Monday, April 18, 2011

1479 : (Don’t) Do me a favor….

“I did all of this schmuck for you,and you return this by XYZ.”, if this drill sounds as familiar as “Et Tu, Brutus”, I won’t blame you.

Not only do sisters, mothers, fathers, sons and the ilk pull this on this relationships – but this happens in a corporate world as well. How often do you hear a souped up boss telling you “I worked so hard to get you this promotion, and now you are thinking of moving on.”, muttering this with an facial expression of being “sodomised”.

Well – I have sisters, mothers, fathers, sons and of course bosses. All the time, I decide to do things which impact them in a positive way – but very rarely, if ever, have I ever done something exclusively for someone.

I buy a good purse for my sis, she needs to upgrade Smile, but more importantly, I buy it, because it makes me very happy knowing that she will kiss me in her head – everytime she deals with the purse.

Get the drift?

I have always been the bigger benefactor of every act I have ever done – including what might be classified as “random acts of kindness”.

So I never had to do this “you screwed my backside” drill on someone….

The next time, someone does this routine on me, I am almost tempted to say “My name is Brutus. And I always carry a steely knife inside my vest. Count your blessings and move on.”

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