Monday, April 18, 2011

1478 : 2am soiree

Its 2am at night, and I am listening to a composition in Raag Lalit – by Rajan - Sajan Mishra

jogiya mere ghaar aaye, ghar ghar alakh jagaye. 
kanan kundal gar biju se li. anga babhut ramaye

Roughly translated, with my limited grasp of Avadhi (or whatever dialect is this!!)….(Jogiya=hermit, alakh=the infinite, kanan=left, kundal=curled up)

The hermit who has come around, is lighting up the infinite in every home
Lying curled up on (our) left, he/she is stirring up (our) bodies.

If you detect a faint slight of eroticism there, don’t feel abashed, thats the nature of Hindustani music – its almost sufi like in its structure. It refers to love and the quest for the infinite almost interchangeably.

And oh by the way, this is a stunning piece of music – one of my favorites in Raag Lalit.

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