Sunday, April 17, 2011

1477 : The Malinga effect

I have been walking in my apartment complex, where, given the school holiday season, and the India WC win, and the fact that I live in India…. kids are invariably playing cricket.

I was pleasantly surprised to see young 4-6 years old, bowling with a sling action and screaming – “here comes Malinga”….

On one hand, I found it funny….very funny actually to see these tiny tots….on the other hand…the serious cricketer in me…wants to go and correct them. There is no replacement to correct technique…and the MSD, Malinga are far and few examples.

(I once played very good cricket….and even took pro coaching. Of course, I am not just jaded, I am faded tooSmile.I plan to send my kid (when he comes!!) to a cricket academy.)

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