Saturday, April 09, 2011

1470 : Calling in sick:-)

I had been very ill for the past two days, and was almost tempted to call my manager and inform him that I wont be into office.

While I contemplated that, I could not but meditate on the modern world of excuses. There is an inherent distrust between humans, and hence inadvertently the subordinate feels it upon himself, the additional burden of providing details to the manager which otherwise he would abstract…..almost making his request for a sick leave sound subservient.

As an example, often, I get mails, which go to details like “my left ball is severely swollen, going to a doctor, a leading scrotum specialist,  at Indiranagar, waiting time expected 2 hrs, appointment at 11am, hence wont be into office.”

Every single time, I feel like replying – I trust you, please take care of your health– don’t want to know about your weighty issues.

BTW, when I apply for “sick leave” – I just mention “ill heath”, no mention at all of my sac sizes.

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