Saturday, April 09, 2011

1469 : In which Anna gives it those ones…

I was reading an article by Kiran Bedi calls Anna Hazare subversive….and I was like “thank you lady”. Yesterday in office I was having the very same argument.

My view is, Anna(used as a symbol) is no bloody Jasmine. Jasmine is a symbol of speech where none is allowed. Versus Anna….who is subverting a democratic process, questioning the will of a populace (albeit an idiotic one!!)….

How can we sign up for a fast which is essentially questioning not the government or its corruption, but idiots like you and me, who elect this government. We are missing the real target here…the stone is not against the politicos, its on you….and its a stone…its not a paper.

In a democracy, the populace decides the government and the powers to be….to change that…we need to go back to the people….and not to a single person….who fasts to death.

If Anna wants to change the world….especially by remaining within the ambits of democracy, then he has to form a group(a party) and he needs to drive mass opinion to align with him.

Case rests. I refuse to be a brigand…not yet, at least.

(Anna is just a symbol in this article. As a person….I respect him, just as much as I adore folks like Medha Patkar, Sharmila Irom, Arundhati Roy and Dr. Binayak Sen.
The title of the piece comes from Arundhati Roy’s In Which Anne Gives It Those Ones, a play.)

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