Sunday, April 03, 2011

1465 : The cup of my world

I watched the last 10 overs of the WC finals yesterday with family. I must admit, I did not feel a thing through the match. None of the passions – and that is not to say I don’t understand cricket (I almost played cricket professionally – so know a thing or two!!) or my heart does not beat for my country (which could be partially true).

Truth be told, I am overwhelmed by the hype and the hoopla around cricket. I can bet no one will remember 28 years later – the names of the team members who won this WC.

Contrast this with BS Sandhu taking Greenidge out with a beauty of a inswinger; the catch of Richards by Kapil which has become a legend in itself – Srikanth scoring a dogged 30 odd runs…..and the fact that we remember so many players on both sides….must say something of the longevity of the memories associated with the game today.

No – I am not grudging the win, neither am I underestimating its effort – I am questioning its historical significance and longevity.

Time will tell Smile. Lets touch base in 2039.

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