Wednesday, March 09, 2011

1456 : The Crying Game (oops….I meant Name)

Still undecided after “Wail Murugan”, “Burpy Lahiri” and recent favorite “Sinbad (the Wailer)”…..the care-givers to the “little bundle of joy” trudged along….waiting for the Lord and Uncle Universe to give a sign.

As they were held in this cosmic balance, waiting for the moment to reveal itself….the little one continued (unabated) to unleash the lion(like King Jeremy the Wicked!!), on them, every now and then….when they least expected it.

Post this “letting the lion run amok” sequence – at some point – he would withdraw – almost in a role reversal – the perpetrator acting out the vanquished…..

In one such moment, his grandmom saw him and muttered – if only he was a girl – this would have been his/her “sulk smitha routine”.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Or a devout Bengaluruian might say.... "Don't cry m'aadi"