Wednesday, March 23, 2011

1461 : We worked all night to get to you :-)

I think it was Saturday. Bangalore Times carried a front page story screaming “Raja Wadiyar of Mysore and his wife held a fab fashion show at the palace (blah blah blah….) of clothes and jewellery created by them last night.” (sic !! except for the bold bit) or something almost to this effect.

I read this sentence at least 4 times. Now unless the reporter wanted to tell us a scoop on how the Royals worked all night to create some fashion artefacts – unless that was the intent, he most definitely missed his commas and shoots.

I could almost visualise the royalty walking with a whip in his sweatshop – beating and haranguing poor Mysore natives – “faster, faster – just 4 hours before daybreak, get the clothes ready.”

Ah….the tyranny inflicted upon us by weak language. Remember this is front page Times. Should we also lament how the mighty have fallen.

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