Wednesday, March 23, 2011

1460 : What a perverted world !!

As I was walking past a leading English news channel at 5pm today (at work) – the headlines were screaming in BOLD ALL CAPS and size 72 on screen – “SIBAL PERVERTED THE FACTS ABOUT SHOURIE” or something to that effect (almost).

Now for those who have no context, we are presumably speaking about the VSNL disinvestment here.

Nothing even remotely “perverted” in this debate about a 10 year old business decision, I am assuming the copy guy probably wanted to use a word like “subverted”.

Now-a-days we not only hire ding-a-dong graduates who think they know the language, but we also let them run amok. This probably is the real perversion the world is unleashing on us lesser mortals.

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