Sunday, March 20, 2011

1458 : Faridkot - Ek

I am quite a big fan of indie rock….those tiny (commercially) inconsequential bands, some of which still make a massive impact on your mindspace.

Locally its folks like my buddy Vinay from Bhayanak Maut and globally groups like Stokes (from Toronto)…and labels like Peter Gabriel’s Real World Records – which released some mind boggling (and blowing) collection during the 90s.



And then there is Faridkot – the “confused pop” act (as they call themselves). They just released their studio album Ek.

I quite like it….if you like Strings….you will like Faridkot a little better….a little more effort in lyrics….a little more bluesy…..a little more orchestration…..a little more soul….and a whole lot more “fun”.

Fun? Yes…these guys seem to be thoroughly enjoying themselves – considering themselves too small to succeed – they take themselves lightly and the “lightness of being” shows.

Their songs are all well composed – taut – and lively.

If there is one indie album you would spend your money on in 2011, I would hazard and put it on Ek – though it is only March yet…..

And I had begun to think…they don’t make them anymore Smile


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