Wednesday, March 09, 2011

1455 : The Jack Torrance in me….

Recently Prashant and I had a lazy midnight meal at a Mumbai star restaurant….unhurried, leisured and “going nowhere”. A bottle of Shiraz and tons of variety in food. We doffed and quaffed till wee hours of the morning.

As I am beginning to grow older (and lonelier) I am beginning to value the stolen cups of coffee, a lazy meal like this, and just the infinite pleasure of having no apparent destination. I want to reach out – not really to random strangers – but to friends, mum(s) and sister(s)…..and the f***ing Facebook will never replace this romantic need in my life……I want to talk, to laugh and let life creep into me (instead of me constantly running from it….see I admitted it Smile)

In this particular meal, we talked a bit, stared down our reflections in our glassware, ate like pigs, masticated like cows….and just thoroughly relished it.

I would do this more often if I could….but then, I live in a stone dead city, a place where little other than my cellphone wants to remain active beyond 10pm.

Coming back…thank you Prashant, you were great company….complete relief on a day and time which had all gone bloody awry !!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Just earlier today, completely random, I was thinking about Chinese food and one particular place in Parlaa where we had hogged on some Chinese a couple of times. Good times...good food...good memories.