Monday, March 07, 2011

1453 : You stop looking when you have found Her

As we were listening to “Begun Gun Gave” in Todi by Kishori Amonkar, someone was telling me – stop listening to this “aaaaaa aaaaaa”…and listen to some soulful bhajans instead – that would be more productive use of my aural time.

A little more conversation suggested the importance of Bhakti in finding God.

I wanted to tell the person – “You probably need to listen to Bhajans to find the Lord. Me…..I have already found Her, and I am spending my time listening to Her voice. I have no use of bhajans paraphernalia and other spiritual maps…the Lord is sitting next to me and intoning in Todi.”

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1 comment:

Diva said...

haha...would second your thought ;)